Monthly Archives: November 2016

Versa? Versa? Versa? This word is going to resonate constantly in your head from November 30th. But until then, we will have to wait with the making of we realized during five days and five nights in Barcelona. Versa is the new collection that will be launched by OFITA on November 30th. Versa consists of three families [...]

How has the workspace evolved? OFITA, partners in two referent events in architecture and Facility management

What kind of offices are we headed for? What will be the future workspace? What kinds of projects are happening now? On November 17th, Madrid and Barcelona hosted two of Spain's leading events in Architecture and Facility Management: ''IFMA Spain Workplace Summit'' and ''Grandes Proyectos de Arquitectura'', respectively. OFITA was present, sharing with the public the [...]

Personal space in different cultures. What do you have to do in a multicultural office?

Personal space is the space surrounding a person and allows interactions with other people depending on the circumstances. The cultural factors as well as the type of relationship you have with a person are key points in the use of space. Studies by anthropologists like Edward T. Hall generally show that the distances between the [...]

Ofita Orgatec made the surprise with new proposals for office

Ofita has just participated in Orgatec 2016, the leading international trade fair for office equipment. During five days we shared innovations and design solutions in a unique working environment. We presented our new collections in Cologne MEET UP!, Versa and Lock Lock. We are extremely grateful and happy of the launch of these three new ranges [...]

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