Monthly Archives: January 2019

2019 Trends in furniture and office design

What are 2019 trends in furniture and office design? Technologies and new corporate cultures have radically changed work methods and therefore office spaces. With new employment models based on the absence of hierarchy and boosting creativity and intra-entrepreneurship over control and the presence of employees at their work stations, spaces are transforming into social spaces, Silicon [...]

Andreas Krob, Hara designer explains the design of this innovative chair

As mentioned in previous entries, Ofita has just presented its new operative chair, Hara, which will be available in the market next February designed by Andreas Krob.  The designer of this innovative operative chair, the German Andreas Krob shares with us this interview what inspired its design, the challenges of the project and the features which [...]

Ergonomic office chairs to seat well and feel better

Being seated eight hours a day in front of a table may damage your health as many are the problems arising from physical inactivity or wrong positions. This is why in this post we insist on the importance of choosing ergonomic office chairs. Let’s see why.   Office work-associated diseases Nearly 50% of people developing their [...]

WELL Certification, offices designed for the health and wellbeing of people

Words such as sustainability, energy efficiency or ecologic design are ever more common in the world of architecture. Awareness and respect for the environment have already been embraced and certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) developed by US Green Building Council, measure the sustainability of buildings based on criteria such as the [...]

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