Monthly Archives: October 2019

Ofita releases a new study about workspaces “Best way to work”

  The session Rethink Offices held at our showroom in Madrid and Barcelona has been the scenario chosen by Ofita to present its latest study about workspaces. “Best way to work” is an analysis of how to create work environments and spaces which improve employees’ productivity and satisfaction and a guide for the proper use of each workspace. [...]

Rethink Offices, an important appointment with architecture and design of offices at Ofita

  Once more, Ofita showrooms in Madrid and Barcelona have hosted the sessions Rethink Offices held in both cities organized by Grupo Vía. During these sessions they analysed the changes incorporated when designing and implementing office spaces due to technological evolution, changes in corporate cultures, irruption of new generations and commitment to collaborative and flexible work. [...]

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