September 9th, Ofita has turned 50; an anniversary representing a turning point in our History. “In Ofita we always like to look ahead and ambition new challenges and the best way to do so, is with daily improvement to achieve excellence in all areas. Not stalling but rather innovating will be the key for the next 50 years”, declares the President of the Company, Alberto Sanz Novales, who in such an important day has wanted to “thank all of you who somehow or other belong to Ofita as well as to all clients and collaborators. We are here thanks to all of you.”


Five decades after its creation, Ofita – known for the design and quality of its products- is a customer-oriented company specialized in added values such as innovation and customization of products. A global company present in over 40 countries with offices in Mexico and France, two of our priority booming markets.




Throughout its long history, the Company has remained faithful to the vision of “Being the organization offering the best innovation solutions for the optimization of work spaces to attract motivate and achieve efficiency”. One of the conditions for this purpose is the continued development of the brand – which core values are: innovation, customer-orientation, people and sustainability – as well as the aim to always improve our services and products, surprising the market and acting in advance of its demands.


We face a period when, more than ever, our obligation is to help companies optimize its offices and spaces with solutions which enable an efficient and healthy work. “We want to be the best choice and continue growing in a sustainable and responsible manner. I am sure that seeking excellence in our daily work – just as we have been doing – will help us achieve it” says Camilo Agromayor, CEO of Ofita.