Acoustic pods for offices are one of the three functional spaces most valued by professionals (50%), along with rooms for teamwork (64%) and rooms for innovation and new technologies (46%), according to the report “A Smart Workplace for the Workforce of the Future”.

This document also indicates that while a significant percentage of companies have rooms for teamwork (77%), acoustic pods (31%) and innovation rooms (14%) are still pending subjects, although at Ofita we are verifying a clear increase in demand.

The offices closed in cubicles gave way years ago to the open spaces, which soon began to show their shortcomings, especially those related to acoustic discomfort and difficulty in concentrating.



Acoustic pods in semi-open spaces

For this reason, today semi-open spaces are preferred by most companies and workers. They allow to a greater extent the creation of different functional areas within an office and therefore that each activity is carried out in optimal conditions. Whoever needs to work in an open space will have an open space; those who need a closed environment to concentrate will have spaces for this purpose; anyone who needs a more creative place will have an innovation room …



Benefits of acoustic office pods

Acoustic pods are one of these spaces that facilitate current ways of working. Its growing demand is due to two reasons: the first is related to productivity and the second to safety.

Acoustic / sound absorbing pods, such as VETROSPACE, solve noise and privacy problems in open-plan offices. They guarantee impeccable acoustic insulation, which is why they are the ideal solution for individual telephone conversations or video calls, without disturbing colleagues, and also for teamwork or meetings.

Being inside, there are no interruptions or distractions, and they create a very comfortable environment since they are glazed and allow natural light to pass through. In addition, they are a very trendy decorative and separating element.

Acoustic pods create not only specialized micro-environments, but also controlled spaces. The reason is that some like Vetrospace protect employees by safely removing bacteria and viruses from the air and on surfaces.

Cabinas acústicas Vetrospace

Acoustic pods to create safe and anti-Covid spaces

When the user enters a Vetrospace space, the acoustic office booth has already been automatically disinfected. This means that you are entering the safest place to work.

Vetrospace’s clean air and controlled airflow ventilation system will have already removed more than 99.99% of airborne particles in less than 15 minutes, including viruses and bacteria, and continues to function.

Surfaces are continuously disinfected, before you enter the space, while you are there, and after you leave.

Vetrospace soundproof pods also provide a controlled environment for meeting and teamwork.

Airflow is controlled in such a way that airborne particles and droplets are removed almost immediately, while purified air flows through space.

All surfaces are continuously disinfected, including the glass safety shield between each individual, which means that cross contamination is drastically reduced.

Do you want more information about Vetrospace soundproof pods? here, you can download catalog, images and technical sheet: