As mentioned in previous entries, Ofita has just presented its new operative chair, Hara, which will be available in the market next February designed by Andreas Krob

The designer of this innovative operative chair, the German Andreas Krob shares with us this interview what inspired its design, the challenges of the project and the features which make this office chair different.



A very innovative backrest

As Andreas Krob outstands, the main feature of the Hara chair is its great ergonomics thanks to its innovative backrest which accompanies the user in all its movements “both when leaning backwards and when moving from left to right and vice versa” explains its designer.


A design inspired in a pair of sneakers

When designing it Andreas Krob inspired in a pair of sneakers, the sneakers sport, “these sneakers are provided with a very special elasticity technique to run that helped me conceptualized its design”.

Hara’s backrest is unique: rigid and solid in its back component but flexible and elastic at the front. It has tensors to achieve the perfect combination of flexibility and support. “We have created different levels, with material differences which together help the user feel very comfortable” says Andreas Krob.



Andreas Krob