These days we are celebrating our new anniversary: we become 49 years old. During these years, Ofita has been pioneering company in many aspects, from technological to environmental or quality, for example. Today, moreover, it leads others such as the designed focused on people or the development of specific solutions for the new work environments which have invaded corporate headquarters as a consequence of the impact of new technologies and the access of a new generation with different work methods to the labour market.

“We face this anniversary of Ofita with renewed spirits and with the excitement of realizing that the initiative started in 1969 is today a reality fully operational in our society and to which we have strongly committed” declares Alberto Sanz Novales, President of Ofita.


Ofita Anniversary, historical review

Ofita was born in Vitoria in 1969 specialized in the manufacture of office furniture. Its history can be divided into several eras. The first one corresponds to the creation of the company and runs throughout the 70s. During the 80s it focused its resources and endeavours on the design (starts working with renowned external designers) and on quality. In 1980 the Quality Department is created with its own laboratories and already in the 90s Ofita opens branches in Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Seville, Malaga and A Coruña and starts its internationalization process.

After 2000 it jumps into new markets such as collective/public spaces and libraries as well as proposals for the health and university field and strengthens the company’s bet on design and innovation, attributes of the brand nowadays. Today the company is focused on the development of new proposals for the new work culture, on its people and on the internationalization of the company. Today it counts with offices in Spain, Mexico and France and a network of distributors and showrooms worldwide.



In Spain Ofita also has two industrial plants, one devoted to furniture, with 20,000sqm and the other to chairs located in Vitoria and equipped with cutting edge technology.

It also has a 30,000sqm modern logistic warehouse and a new Development and Logistics Centre also in Vitoria. It also has its own delegations and showrooms for the permanent exhibition of products in Barcelona, Madrid and Vitoria.

A long and consolidated career that thanks to the large workforce forming this company and to the trust of our clients will continue for many more years on the path of growth. Thanks to all for making this new Ofita Anniversary possible!