Internal communication in companies has seen radical changes in recent years and collective workspaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially in companies that need to cultivate creativity. Another good way to keep the conversation flowing in your team is the use of an internal chat platform.

You might be surprised to learn that using a chat tool in your company doesn’t mean a big investment in programming, since there are a range of free solutions packed with features.

The best internal chat platforms for companies


A tool that has already won the trust of over 100,000 companies. Its features go beyond chat to encompass aspects of project management.

Hibox allows you to open individual and group chats, communicate with your colleagues and fill your conversations with emojis and GIFs. In the task management component, you can assign a task to a member of the team or a chat group and specify a deadline. When the task has been completed, Hibox will automatically calculate how long you it took to carry out.

There are different plans available: from basic, which is free, through to the most complete version, which costs eight dollars per user.


This is arguably one of the most popular and pioneering chat platforms. You can add all the members of your team and open individual and group chats. For example, you could create different groups for each department in the office or for each project in your business. You can also use the platform to send photographs, text files and presentations.

Finally, if you want to use Slack on your mobile, apps are available for Android and iPhone.

Pantallazo de aplicación Slack

Workplace by Facebook

A few months ago, and after a year of testing, Facebook launched Workplace, its business chat tool. The interface is extremely similar to the Facebook social network, with a chat for all team members and a timeline with publications from colleagues. The most interesting thing about this tool is that it also permits video calls and group audio calls.