The new Ofita Corporate Report is now available. In his presentation, Camilo Agromayor, general director of Ofita, makes a positive assessment of the last year, of his challenges and of Ofita’s levers to successfully overcome them. “Challenges that have highlighted the strength of our business model and our resilience, which translate into an Ofita that is more agile, flexible and customer-oriented than ever”, in his words.

According to Camilo Agromayor, in addition to adapting to the new reality, during the last year Ofita has managed to promote new and successful projects, both at the level of launching new products and at a commercial and business level. Among them, the new Forthink furniture line, for new ways of working, or the company’s global projects, with markets, such as the French, becoming more important every day in our turnover.



“It is in times of adversity that values ​​are put to the test. I am proud of the effort made by our teams, who responded with service and creativity, helping our clients with innovative solutions”, says Camilo Agromayor.

In the opinion of Ofita’s CEO, the company has emerged stronger from this uncertain context: “The pandemic has accelerated a reality that was already looming, I am referring to the digitalization of businesses and the rise of flexible and hybrid work models, very in line with the research that Ofita was already carrying out before the health crisis and that is taking shape in new products designed to facilitate these new work dynamics”.

“Innovation has been one of the fundamental pillars in Ofita’s strategy”

“Our action plans and products were already adapting before the outbreak of the health crisis to the challenge of these new ways of working that even rethink the very concept of the office. Therefore, innovation has been one of the fundamental pillars in Ofita’s strategy”, he adds.

The 6 “levers” of Ofita growth, according to Camilo Agromayor

Taking into account the difficult macroeconomic situation of the 2021 financial year, Ofita was able to successfully respond to the challenges it faced, focusing its execution on six levers:


Innovation in response to new forms of post-pandemic work. Innovation cuts across the entire company, and has a significant impact on areas such as the design and development of new products, the quality and sustainability of Ofita furniture and the company’s activity, according to Camilo Agromayor.


One more year, Ofita registers a double-digit increase in its sales abroad, faithful to its strategic plan that defines international markets as one of the pillars of Ofita’s growth.

In the international chapter, Camilo Agromayor reviews 3 milestones:

  • The excellent behavior of sales in France, where we have furnished the corporate headquarters of companies such as: Metabo, Affinity, Schneider, Ista, Bergerat Monnoyeur and Abicyclette, etc.

Affinity France

  • Ofita’s global presence is stronger every day. We go with our clients in all their international implementations. This is the case of Cuatrecasas, Puig or Vestas, for example, whose offices -wherever they are located- are equipped with Ofita furniture.
  • Portugal. Establishment of its own commercial structure, and new projects such as furnishing the offices of Cuatrecasas, Mapfre or Banco Santander, for example.
cuatrecasas oficinas



Without a doubt, one of the main differential values ​​of Ofita, highlights Camilo Agromayor. “Our unique capacity – for development and production – to adapt our office furniture to each project is one of our main hallmarks as office furniture manufacturers.”

This capacity is especially important in Ofita’s relationship with the Architectures, by making any solution projected by its professionals a reality.

In the , there is a selection of different offices equipped with custom Ofita furniture, adapted to their ways of working, culture and brand, such as: Société Générale, Roche Gis, Latham & Watkins, Savills Aguirre Newman, Freshfields or Cuatrecasas, among many others. corporate headquarters.

Roche gis oficina

Roche Gis


“Our priority remains the safety and health of our employees, without losing sight of our commitment to ensure the sustainability of the business.”

 “People” also refers to focusing the design of Ofita furniture on the well-being of people. «At Ofita we have been talking about creating human environments for work since 1969; in fact, this was our first corporate claim.

Today, that Ofita commitment is more accentuated than ever. Now that employees can decide where they want to work, they demand comfortable and efficient work spaces to give the best of themselves; For their part, companies seek in the redesign of their offices a space to attract and retain your talent.


Today, Ofita is a more competitive company, agile and adapted to new challenges thanks to the downsizing of the company’s organizational and corporate structure; to the review of its internal processes; the rejuvenation of part of the management team and the refinancing of the company that guarantees the continuity of the company in the medium and long term.


Ofita has completed two of its digital transformation process, which cuts across all the company’s processes and teams. This means: more agile and collaborative internal processes and especially a more fluid communication with the client and oriented to their needs.

You will find more information about Ofita -its projects and noteworthy events- during the last year, in its Corporate Report.