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Who is behind Ofita Design?

For the design of its furniture, Ofita has always collaborated with internationally recognized designers. Many of the products created by these designers have received design awards. Since we opted for professional design, our furniture has become market leader. We work and collaborate with architects and engineers to develop solutions tailored to each project. […]

Introducing Lock Lock, the archive of non-territorial offices

Those offices in which each employee had his own desk are already a thing of the past. Offices today are "non-territorial"; you arrive at the office and work from any of its spaces, alone or in collaboration with others. Shared areas replace the desk assigned to them in response to new forms of work. With a [...]

Ofita redesigns their website to be more visual, intuitive and with new content

We welcome in the autumn with an important piece of digital news from Ofita, the showcasing of our new website. Our portal has had a complete makeover, with a new look, updated content and easier, faster and intuitive browsing facilities. Using the latest technology, adaptable to any type of device. A more visual and neat website, [...]

First news… MEET UP! Where the most valuable ideas take place

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width="1/1"][cmsms_text] MEET UP! responds to the needs of the new flexible office environment, connected and collaborative.  It surpasses the traditional boundaries of “work” and interprets the office as an interactive space, with varied types of spaces for different needs. Collaborative spaces The office is where new ideas, moments and experiences arise and are shared, [...]

The new offices of Paradigma, a young and creative space If you thought of about 260 employees, dedicated to technology, with workers aged around 30… How would you picture their offices? In Ofita we believe a cheerful, fun and comfortable space helps the effectiveness of a company that takes special care of its human resources. Therefore, we have combined design and operation for the new [...]

Presentation of the conclusions to the “Home, Smart Office” workshop

Working from home is growing dramatically, and all forecasts show that it will become a true revolution. In this context, a few months ago Ofilab, Ofita’s trends laboratory, held the “Home, Smart Office” workshop, to develop new concepts for space, furniture and equipment for the home workplace together with young designers. The aim: to lead to [...]

Ofita invites nine young designers to imagine “the office at home” of the future

Following the success of the previous event, from 3rd to 7th October Madrid will be the location for the second conceptual workshop from the Ideas Laboratory Ofilab by Ofita. On this occasion nine young designers will, together, implement a set of proposals on the issue of Home Office. […]

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