Fifty years of Ofita. For all those who form part of this team, this is a very special moment. These last decades, we have gone through many things. I would like to present this Report remembering some milestones of our history.

The first one corresponds to the incorporation of the company in 1969 and extends throughout the whole decade of the 70s. We may well say that it was a period of consolidation of market understanding and of creation of a commercial network.



In the 80s the company undergoes what could be considered as an industrial revolution and modernization of all processes. During the 80s it also focuses its resources and efforts on quality and design. It starts collaborating with world-renowned designers.

The other great change takes place in the 90s when the company focuses directly on the market with branch offices and starts also the internationalization of the company.

Having already crossed the threshold of year 2000, Ofita focuses on innovation and research of new working methodologies, furniture customization and design. Three hallmarks of our brand on which we still focus.

Nowadays, nearly five decades after its creation, Ofita is still a Spanish company, 100% private capital. It is present in over 20 countries, in four continents and has offices in Mexico and France, two of our priority markets under expansion.



Our vision

All these years we have always been faithful to the vision of “Being the organization offering the best innovative solutions for the optimization of work spaces to attract, motivate and increase the people’s efficiency”. One of the necessary conditions for this objective has been the ongoing development of the brand – which main values are: innovation, client-orientation, people and sustainability – as well as the intention of always improving our services and products amazing the market and staying ahead of its requirements.

Maintaining this leading position for such a long time requires in my opinion: perseverance to do things well, internalizing values, creativity to continuously innovate, flexibility to respond to the permanent evolution of the market and a talented team of people.

Personally I feel very proud of belonging to an organization like Ofita, a renowned and consolidated brand that works for the greater wellbeing of people.

50 years have gone by since Ofita’s creation and thanks to everyone who has formed part of it we have created what we are today as well as the cornerstones that guarantee the brilliant present and future of Ofita.

We are aware that we are facing a period when our obligation is more than ever, to help companies make the most of their offices and spaces with solutions to help them work efficiently and interact in an environment as human as possible.

The goals set by Ofita are ambitious both for the medium and long term. We want to be the best option and continue growing in a sustainable and responsible manner. I am positive that by the search of excellence in our daily work we will be able to achieve them.

I do not wish to end these lines without thanking in a very special way all those who have made possible this Anniversary; all our collaborators, their families and all our customers, all our suppliers, all the people who have put their trust on us. Without your support and in many times stimulus, it would have never been possible for Ofita to continue being a reference in the sector after so many years.


Camilo Agromayor

Managing Director of Ofita