Working in a coffice is an option that can be very successful at certain times. But what is it? And why now?

Flexible work has significantly increased the number of employees who choose to work from the so-called “third space”, that public and social place outside the home (first space) and offices (second space).

From hotels to bookstores through cafeterias and shops, the offer of workspaces increases every day and allows work to be considered outside the daily work environment. Even bank branches are turning into work cafes.

Today we are talking about one of these new “work environments”, the Coffice (cafeteria + office).

Coffice, what is it: a cafeteria or an office?

The Coffice is an alternative to the traditional cafeterias that workers went to when they wanted to disconnect from their work environment.

They are workspaces for workers who, taking advantage of flexible work, want to set up their office at certain times in a place that inspires them and helps them work better.

Originally, this type of space was associated with freelancers and self-employed workers, but its use today has also been extended to employees employed by others, both in small and large companies. Professionals who choose to “change the scene”.

It is not just about a beautiful space with careful design. A Coffice combines the warm atmosphere of home with the productivity of offices. It is not a cafeteria, since the clients who come to the Coffice go to work, not to chat with friends. What does remain in the Coffice is the relaxed atmosphere of a cafeteria.

How is a Coffice?

Therefore, they are “offices” where you can work individually or meet with others over coffee, in a less formal environment than a traditional office. Its design allows you to connect and socialize easily. Generally, not with employees who belong to your same company, unlike the usual coworking areas that we can find inside the offices of our company.

A Coffice combines different types of environments to respond to very diverse needs. “Hot” workstations, private rooms, lounge areas, etc. In all of them, furniture, technology or decoration play a fundamental role.

Indeed, design is a differentiating factor in these spaces and one of their main attractions. Without a good design you cannot get a pleasant space.

The furniture is decisive to generate the different environments that a Coffice offers. Your choice largely depends on the comfort, ergonomics and versatility and flexibility that these spaces require. For example, they can include an area reserved for the soft seating area.

The growing popularity of Coffices would not be possible without adequate equipment and flexible work models and the cultural change that organizations are currently experiencing.

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Coffice, a workspace within the company

We have spoken of the Coffice as a space outside the office where workers go looking for an ideal environment for their performance, but the truth is that more and more organizations incorporate them into their own facilities. Conceived as small coworking spaces within a company, they are generally equipped with the most advanced technology and include various types of spaces. Warm and comfortable environments, where employees feel at home.

Every day we can see more companies that are committed to offices designed by and for the employee, thus emerging new concepts such as the Coffice, a space -in short- designed so that the worker has more comfortable and creative places.