Being seated eight hours a day in front of a table may damage your health as many are the problems arising from physical inactivity or wrong positions. This is why in this post we insist on the importance of choosing ergonomic office chairs. Let’s see why.


Office work-associated diseases

Nearly 50% of people developing their professional activity in an office declare that they work in painful positions or which cause fatigue. One in five Spaniards suffers chronic back pain and a high percentage (80%) of population suffers it sporadically.

Therefore, the areas most affected by this type of problem are: neck/shoulders (37% of users surveyed in the study Ergonomics and Health in office environments, published by Ediciones Ofita), eyes (39%), lower back (29%), back area and head (18%).


Seat correctly to feel better

When seating in an office chair, we shall first adopt a correct position (image below) and from there we will continue in active movement. Be reminded that in several entries we have already recommended the benefits for our health which come hand in hand with the adjustable height tables, helping us alternate working seated and standing, such as the Multilevel table.




The chair, main responsible of our diseases

In over 60% of cases, these problems are due to the incorrect design or negative conditions of office furniture. This is why it is so important to choose the correct table, chair, panels and filing systems to furnish our offices.

Chairs are one of the most important items of the work space. Ergonomic office chairs help maintain a correct position and an appropriate circulation. This element has to respect normal back curves and shall adapt to people, this is why it has to be adjustable.

For the chair to be healthy its design has to respond to ergonomic criteria and not only to pure aesthetics so users may find in the seat the support they require for a correct and comfortable position. In addition to adapting to the physical completion of users, the chair has to favour the activity they develop which will allow the adoption of the correct position all the time.


Ofita presents Hara operative office chair – Ergonomics in motion


sillas de oficina ergonómicas


Hara operative office chair, designed by German Andreas Krob, is an operative office chair offering excellent comfort to the user.

The chair outstands for its great ergonomics thanks to its innovative backrest accompanying the user in all its movements, both when bending backwards and when moving right and left and vice-versa.

The backrest of Hara is unique; rigid and solid at the back although flexible and elastic at the front. It is provided with tensors to achieve the perfect combination of flexibility and support. “We have created different levels, with different materials that together provide great comfort to the user”, says Andreas Kross.