In the current climate of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) many traditional processes are no longer valid. Companies need to work with new, more agile and flexible dynamics. Words like scrum, design thinking and lean startup are here to stay.

But what about the spaces needed to support these methodologies? Does the traditional office facilitate these dynamics or does it get in the way?

Until recently, these sorts of considerations hadn’t been taken into account when it came to office design. Workplaces were designed based on hierarchical criteria and, more recently, around the concept of moments, such as meetings, concentration and relaxation.

However, the new ways of working require new, more flexible and moveable workplaces to go with them, collaborative environments that facilitate visual working and the sharing of ideas.

Ofita has created Forthink to address this challenge

The Forthink system provides whiteboards and other supports equipped with magnetic surfaces that teams can write on to help them work in a more visual, cooperative and collaborative manner.


If we had to define Forthink furniture, I would say it’s about versatility, about creating visual spaces and, above all, about movement,” explains Juan Gasca, CEO and founder of Thinkers Co., which has partnered with Ofita on the project.

Forthink furniture is designed to facilitate intensive collaboration, allowing teams to work together to achieve a goal while also allowing them to split up and transfer part of the task to another space using whiteboards. With Forthink, we can create a central space for innovation but, of equal importance, to allow for smaller moments or spaces, which is why we’ve developed our totems and work modules, which, just like our whiteboards, can also be moved to another area or our desk,” he adds.

The range consists of:

Magnetic panels

Magnetic panels with a wipeable whiteboard surface for writing down ideas.

The panels help teams work more visually, speeding up learning and making work sessions more collaborative.


Magnetic walls

Convert any wall into a workplace with Forthink. The special paint for walls allows magnetic panels to be attached. Users can write on the surface and wipe it clean as many times as they want.


A moveable component that staff can write on then wipe clean. The Totem’s metal structure allows magnetic panels to be easily fitted.

The system is ideal for agile meetings and dynamic work between different people to tackle various challenges at once.

Forthink Ofita

Work modules

These wheeled modular components make creating spaces straightforward and agile. The metal structure allows magnetic panels to be fitted for work.

Mini agoras

The main function of the agoras is to create workplaces for sharing knowledge and motivating participants when it comes to team dynamics. The moveable seating encourages dynamic behaviour in teams, as well as the configuration of new spaces.

Container part

Used to store the users’ staff.