We spend more than a third of our day at work, we share the workspace with lots of people and we are doing very many tasks. It is therefore essential to develop good habits at the office to be healthy, so these habits do not affect our health, but on the contrary, become allies for our daily tasks and bring benefits to our body and to our mind.

During the analysis of our daily work, there are many factors to consider. The first is the space in which we carry out our work. How is our office?


Oficina saludable

We present 5 key characteristics for a healthy work area:

  1. An office without unpleasant smells:

Ventilation in a workspace is essential. It is not just the smoking ban which is already established in every business, but the presence of windows in each room, air ducts and the possibility of fresh air every day.

  1. Avoid noise pollution:

It is necessary to escape the noise that damages the environment. Some systems such as computers, printers and air conditioners cause excessive noise. It is advisable to take care of the operation of these devices for acoustic well-being of workers.

  1. Good lighting:

It is one of the most important factors in the office. Poor lighting can damage the view of workers and deteriorating health, moreover it makes negative work environment and relationships between people. It is better to have natural light to illuminate the room, but if this is not possible, it is advisable to install several points of lights to illuminate the entire work area.

  1. Furniture suitable for good health:

We commented several times how important it is to bet on furniture suitable for performance. In this sense, ergonomic office chairs is important, tables specially designed to integrate the technology or other devices for positioning the legs or arms.


Sillas ergonómicas en la oficina

  1. Optimal workspaces:

This is one of the most important requirements in the design of a workspace. The spaces must be practical and functional, suitable for the development of different tasks that take place in the office, but also for the necessary breaks of workers, different types of meetings or collaborative projects.


Be a model employee and have good practices?

After designing a workspace tailored to the health of workers, what to do? It is also the responsibility of the worker who is also responsible to develop certain habits so that his work does not harm his health.

Some recommendations:

– Combine working hours with regular breaks, 15 minutes break every two hours, for example, taking a walk, climbing stairs or take some fresh air.

– Customize your workplace: there is no question of making your table like at home, but a plant, a small photo or a detail of your personal life can make you feel much more comfortable during your day.

– Place your computer properly, mouse, chair, and footrest: all items you use should be tailored for you. The screen should be at eye level; the keyboard, allowing you to make a right angle with the arm; legs properly supported by a footrest.

– Watch your posture at work: when sitting, but also when you talk on the phone, in a meeting, a visit or other status.

Good habits will work every day, much more beneficial for us as employees. Our body and mind will thank us :).