Healthy habits in the office

In this post we summarize some of the healthy habits in the work place. How do you feel each morning when going to the office? And when you finish your day? Do you ever feel tired? Do you have any pain? These feelings may be related to your work space. Your environment has great effect on how you feel and how you act and as work fills many hours of our life, the work environment is especially critical.


Therefore, one of the keys to reduce potential risks of physical and psychological damages of office work, is a well-designed work station and environment providing above all an appropriate stabilization of the body for the task being developed; because it is not the person who has to adapt to the environment but the environment to the person.

The design of work spaces involves many factors: furniture – thus the importance of its ergonomics and quality, light, colour, lighting….

In previous posts we have already dealt with these factors: in next entries we will publish a practical guide of exercises that will help you avoid them and that can be done in the office. But before, today we will provide a few brief and easy recommendations that will accrue important benefits if included among your daily habits.


hábitos saludables en la oficina


Healthy habits in the office

– To avoid the problems of static work, the best thing is to move. Stand from time to time to relax. A very healthy alternative is adjustable height tables such as Ofita’s Multilevel table.



– To avoid backaches, once diseases are ruled out, it is highly recommendable to make small pauses of 2 minutes each 45 minutes stretching arms, legs and back. Take a break. Small and regular breaks are more beneficial than longer less frequent ones.


Change your position consciously and frequently during the work period of several hours seating.


– From time to time stretch and bend alternatively your legs and work changing the position of your forearms.


– Do not use your chair in the position given to you. Learn to adjust the height of the seat, inclination…and all regulations admitted by your work chair and table. Remember it is essential to adapt the dimensions of your work station to your body features.


– If you use a mouse, it is advisable to alternate its use with the right and left hand to avoid fatigue of one of the two sides of our back.


 – Organize your work table. Although this may surprise you, a messy office robs you of energy and concentration because your mind is constantly distracted by the mess.


– Make breathing exercises. Inhale deeply through your nose. Hold the air for three seconds. After exhale slowly through your mouth: make eight short breaths and one long one.


Colour reinforces our state of mind. If you work in a very conservative environment, surround yourself with some objects that provide colour: photo frames with vivid colours, colour clips for papers, etc.