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Hara office chair by Ofita at the exhibition “20 years of eco-design Made in Euskadi”

Hara Office chair by Ofita is one the sustainable products chosen for the exhibition “20 years of eco-design Made in Euskadi” celebrated on 26-28th February at Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao coinciding with the celebration of the Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2020.

On the 20th anniversary of the execution of the first eco-design projects in the Basque Country, the regional Government has wanted to acknowledge and publicise the work developed throughout these two decades by Basque companies who have chosen sustainable design as Ofita. And therefore among these eco-design products we find the Hara office chair.


eps ensemble protection sociale



Designed by the German Andreas Krob, this operational office chair by Ofita offers excellent comfort to users.  Hara chair outstands also for its design, its ergonomics thanks to its innovative backrest which accompanies users in all their movements. It is the key of comfort and of its flexibility.


Eco-design and sustainability in Ofita

 Eco-design and sustainable manufacture under the most rigorous quality standards are key in Ofita’s production process: we authenticate the origin of the woods used in our office furniture and have the most demanding certificates such as ISO 9001 in quality manufacturing and continued improvement of processes, ISO 14006 in eco-design and environmental improvement of products, ISO 14001 in clean production and protection of the Environment … And recently in 2019 Ofita turned into the first Spanish company of the office furniture sector to hold the sustainability certificate LEVEL®, level 2.


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