Our office table is a place where disorder multiplies every day. Whether at home or in our workplace, the accumulation of papers, office supplies and other personal items often creates chaos that can lead to loss of time, productivity and even stress. Therefore, in this post we want to tell you some ideas to organize your office table.

Why is it important to organize the office desk?

Tidying up the office table is much more than a matter of freeing up space or projecting a good image. It’s also about achieving emotional balance. Continued disorder causes stress, generates fatigue and takes time away. People who work in cluttered environments are more likely to suffer from stress, depression, and fatigue, according to different studies.

In addition, organizing the office desk is a fundamental aspect since it also has an implication in our productivity and performance.

How to order our office table?

To begin, you need to choose a method: what guidelines are you going to follow to establish order on your office desk? A good recommendation that many experts make is to follow the 5S method. At Ofita, we have used it for many years in our work centers, and the truth is that its results are very positive.  

This Japanese technique, which was first launched by the Toyota company in the 1960s, consists of establishing a methodology following five steps: classify, order, clean, standardize and maintain discipline. It goes for everything. Also to organize our office table. 

Start organizing your office table from scratch. Leave the table completely clean, and so you will see the space you have. And first, define where to place each element, always thinking about your comfort and adopting a healthy posture while you work. For example, avoid placing the screen closer than 40 cm away.   

For optimal visual comfort, position the screen at a distance of 65-70 cm.

Ideas to organize your office desk

Sort your things into categories and try to assign each category and each item a specific place.  

Once we have classified all the elements, and we have thought about the place that we are going to assign to each category, it is time to review our office furniture.

Having the appropriate filing systems is essential to be able to properly organize our office table, especially drawers or personal files

The best drawers and files to organize your office table

First of all, these files have to be located in the place where it is easier for you to pick up things so that you are not forced to adopt painful or incorrect postures every time you have to access them. In addition, we recommend that for your safety they have anti-tip systems. You will find efficient and safe drawers, and with Ofita quality, in our store.  

A very useful option to release the working surface of documents and the same time maintain all ordered items in the file, it is to select a model with a drawer that includes an organizer tray, and one with drawers for folders, such as the pedestal in the image on the left.

If your table does not have a fixed drawer unit, you can always opt for file models with wheels that are very useful, such as this trolley from Ofita , also ideal for the home office due to its design. 

Trolley Ofita


It is important to remember that the personal file is only for documents and belongings that we use very frequently. For those that you use more punctually there are other types of files such as departmental ones.

We already have a space for everything, but what about cables? When there are many appliances, it is very common to see a tangle of tangled cables around the table.

To avoid this mess, we propose tables that have solutions and spaces to house and channel the cables of the different devices.

Finally, we remember the importance of standardizing and maintaining discipline, as indicated by the 5S. If you continually sort and put things in their place, and organize your office desk before starting your workday, in the end it will be much easier to always have everything in order.

Organizing your office desk will help you work in a healthier environment. But remember that there are other factors that also affect your physical and emotional comfort, such as choosing a good ergonomic office chair or getting up from time to time and taking micro breaks, as we recommend in this other post.