New workspaces for innovation are changing the face of offices: walls are now whiteboards; some people sit on agoras while others work standing… The traditional concept of the workplace has passed on.

New forms and labor relationships are changing the design of workspaces like never before. There are aspects of telecommuting that people have loved and others that they hope to leave behind. Likewise, there are things in the office that have been missed, such as coexistence with colleagues, and others that are not. In recent months, we have also verified that, although it is true that we can work almost from anywhere, there are activities or times for which we need to go to the office, mainly to work as a team and collaborate. 

As a consequence, collaborative spaces in offices have multiplied, which already before the pandemic occupied more than 60% of offices, according to a study by Ofita. And the workspaces designed for innovation are growing especially every day.


Forthink – Ofita

How are the new workspaces for innovation?

These new workspaces for innovation are changing the face of offices. The traditional concept of workstation, with a table, filing cabinet and chair, the one in which we spend the whole working day sitting, is giving way to totally different spaces: tables and mobile whiteboards, agoras, furniture to work standing up …

This redesign responds to the change in business cultures itself. The iron systems and the organization in cascade according to the hierarchies have been left behind.

In organizations, methodologies such as Agile, Scrum or Lean Startup are implemented , with the aim of promoting and accelerating the development of new projects through flexible processes and cooperative environments. Companies adapt to the speed of change in markets with their ability to fix errors and implement improvements at key moments quickly and effectively.


Espacios trabajo innovacion

These new work dynamics need multipurpose spaces and furniture to facilitate them, such as the new Forthink line that Ofita has just launched.

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