Those offices in which each employee had his own desk are already a thing of the past. Offices today are “non-territorial”; you arrive at the office and work from any of its spaces, alone or in collaboration with others.

Shared areas replace the desk assigned to them in response to new forms of work. With a Smartphone, a notebook or a laptop, the whole world can be the office; therefore, the need to have a fixed physical space decreases.

1140_ofita_0027_e5-copiaHowever, non-territoriality raises new requirements for equipment. Employees who do not have an assigned desk, where do they put their personal objects? The best thing for these nomadic workers is to have a personal locker to leave their personal belongings or work material with total tranquillity. You arrive at the office, open your locker, identified with a number, look if you have correspondence inside … and let’s work! It is an option. Another: you do not even have that personal file; the lockers are also shared, but you’ll always have a place to drop your things while you’re at the office.

Ofita presents Lock Lock, a new system of individual and personal lockers that solves these archival needs, especially of non-territorial ones.

Lock Lock combines functionality and a current design, with numerous possibilities that make it unique, such as its two optional fronts, storage modules of different format, its practical slot mailbox and its three types of locks.

He does not lack detail; for example: the mailbox incorporates a tray so that the documents do not mix with the rest of objects, and in all the lockers an additional separation shelf can be placed so that the papers can be kept separate from other belongings.

Practical, “fun” and with its own style. This is the new design of Ofita for Office 3.0.