silla ergonómica



Hara is an innovative, ergonomic task chair thanks to its special backrest. The backrest is strong due to its hind piece but accompanies all of the user’s movements with its flexible front zone. This front piece has tensors to reach the optimum balance between flexibility and support.

When designing, Andreas Krob was inspired by a pair of sneakers. And from there, he created the chair by designing an elastic technique exclusive to Hara, the Sneaker System.

This system makes Hara unique: rigid and solid in the back section of the backrest, but flexible and elastic in the front section.

The masterful unión of different levels made of different materials creates an innovative backrest that makes the user truly comfortable.


Silla ergonómica Hara



Concentration, physical and mental balance, deep breathing. Ofita presents its new chair where the backbone and backrest give rise to the perfect combination of comfort and ergonomics.