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A few weeks ago, we received a visit from a group of renowned architects from various countries in the Middle East. For a few days, we were able to share with them experiences and thoughts on projects and trends in our sector in the region.

This market, used to large infrastructures and buildings with a very high degree of design, already has Ofita products as for years we have been participating there in significant office projects, thanks to the prestige our design is acquiring at an international level.
The Middle Eastern architects who visited us have signed highly complex projects with large budgets, and the majority belong to big studios with the most emblematic construction works in the region. Among others, we can cite architects from the following studios: BEAD Architects from Abu Dhabi; Al Habshi Consultants Office (ACO) from Kuwait; Gulf Consult also from Kuwait; James Cubbit from Qatar; HBA from Dubai; Perkins & Will from Dubai; Arab Engineering Bureau from Qatar; IDC-Interactive Development Co from Saudi Arabia; 5 Design Solutions from Saudi Arabia; from Abu Dhabi; Jean-Marc Bonfils Architects from Lebanon; AGi architects from Kuwait; Asie Etudes Engineering Consultancy LLC from Oman and Arquitectural Consulting Group (ACG) from Abu Dhabi
As always, it was a pleasure to share these moments with studios so important in the Middle East, to show them our latest proposals and accompany them to visit some of the installations we have completed.

Como siempre, fue un placer compartir esos momentos con estudios tan importantes en Oriente Medio, mostrarles nuestras últimas propuestas y acompañarles a visitar algunas de las instalaciones que hemos realizado.