Ofita showroom in Madrid once again opened its doors to a course by IFMA Spain directed at professionals involved in Facility Management, or the management of real estate and associated services. On this occasion, the course discussed Change Management and how to manage it as something positive and of common benefit.

The person in charge of the course was Lorena García-Espada, an expert and Master graduate on Facility Management for more than 10 years, with experience in a variety of projects in merger and acquisition processes in national and international environments. She is a member of the current IFMA Spain Executive Board, responsible for the Facility Manager Innovation Forum and lecturer on diverse topics on the Facility Management postgraduate course at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

With a methodology which is based 100% on practice, the IFMA Continuous Training Practical Programme for Facility Managers has been devised to fill possible gaps in basic areas caused by the different origins of professionals in the sector. The courses she gives are also directed at other professionals and students, interested in performing tasks related with real estate management.