Nicolas roudier


“Ofita’s advantage in the market is without doubt its level of proximity”


We start the year analysing with Nicolas Roudier, Director of Development of Ofita France, recalling some of the main projects carried out to adapt the offices of companies such as EPS or Scheneider. In this interview, Nicolas Roudier talks about Ofita’s differential value and of its challenges.


What events have marked 2019 for Ofita France?

One of the most important moments of this 2019 is without doubt the creation of Ofita France showroom in Boulogne-Billancourt. Being able to showcase to distributors, architects and clients the whole variety of product ranges and the quality of our products has helped us reinforce our partnerships and create new ones. Our business turnover has tripled this year which shows that the brand is gaining strength in the French market.


eps ensemble protection sociale

EPS Ensemble Protection Sociale


Which projects would you like to highlight?

ITM, SCHNEIDER and EPS are the most important projects for us because each of them has helped us show our know-how (design department, counselling, made-to-measure products, delivery, logistics and installation). We have been able to respond to the requirements of our clients proposing innovative solutions of spaces adapted to new work methodologies not forgetting the customization of spaces and products. Beyond customization, clients seek unique, modern, durable and eco-friendly spaces. Our R&D, Level certificate and the intention of the company to guide its clients has helped us carry out these three super projects. I invite all of you to discover or rediscover them in our Ofita France Linkedin page or in our Webpage


Schneider Francia



How does Ofita enter the French market?

The furniture market is immersed in a change process but continues to uprise. Historical actors disappear, internet-platform sales increase and new actors enter the market as it is the case of Ofita in France. Even if the price is still an important factor when making a purchase decision, clients demand more frequently, quality counselling, service and logistics.

All this chain that I call the “customer experience” is what has contributed to Ofita France evolution. There still remain many things to do but we have reached the level of quality of the main actors of the market.

This identifies us as high-quality office furniture manufacturer mastering the whole production chain of a project for the refurbishment of spaces. Our know-how in the creation of made-to-measure furniture represents a real value added for our partners.


What are Ofita’s advantages in the French market?

Ofita’s advantage in the market is without doubt its level of proximity to its clients. We have been able to measure the level of satisfaction during the inauguration of our office in June and our Pre-Christmas event in December. Attendants have highlighted our constant assistance, our attention to better adapt to their expectations without forgetting the quality of our projects. I also have to thank all our partners which have turned Ofita into a more and more important actor in the French market.


What is the action plan for the next years?

Our development plan is based on several stages, commercial, logistics, products, communication but I would rather talk about 3 aspects which to me are a priority. 


  • Human: Our teams in Boulogne-Billancourt extend to respond to the expectations of our partners.
  • Operational marketing: Several events are expected for 2020 and 2021 to reinforce the brand and gain notoriety.
  • Offer of services and products: Four product launches in 2020 to respond to Design-to-Cost and BtoBtoC requirements.

In addition to the 40% growth announced for 2020, our new development plan will make us more agile in the market as well as more demanding.