Since 1969 we have had first-hand experience of all the changes that have taken place in Society, and specifically in professional environments. All our projects are backed by specific research into the corporate identity of our clients and an adaptation to each geolocation, a look into their history, paying special attention to their surroundings, their ambitions and their values.

We developed one of our international reference projects in Paris, for the headquarters of Puig, which we secured through our partner GCA Arquitectos.

sede puig

After this achievement, we were asked to apply our expertise to their offices in Barcelona. Then followed Panama, Mexico…

ventanas sede puig

Thanks to our efforts to make Ofita an international name, L’Oréal challenged us to design their offices in Bogotá, Colombia. Here is the result:


We had to delve into the cybersecurity sector, its peculiarities, geographic dispersion, technology capacity, the mobility of its collaborators, to carry out a project tailored to the needs of the multinational Fortinet:


With Mapfre and BBVA we embarked on a reflection on the past, the present and the future of the insurance and banking sectors. The purpose of finance, customer service, managing talent and creating ideas that will be put into service, which can shape the core business of such large companies subject to the obligation of innovating permanently.

Over time we have garnered extensive international experience from international projects of various dimensions and characteristics. For instance, we landed in the world of higher education in Costa Rica, designing the offices of Ulead University:


Our projects are a permanent source of satisfaction for us. One of these was the transformation of the prestigious HPA architecture studio in Vancouver. The core idea was truly ambitious: creating an inspiring and pioneer model for sustainable work spaces in North America.


We also designed the offices of Mophie, in California, and then we resumed work in Mexico with projects for OHL, Abengoa, EISAI, Cuatrecasas, T Systems… We even set up a new showroom there!




Understanding globalisation

Globalisation poses important challenges linked to the design of corporate headquarters. Among other essential matters, companies now face the need to unify their values and corporate images at their headquarters and the other premises where they conduct their business.

It is a question of rendering compatible the common visual identity and the personalisation of workspaces, ensuring that it is suited to the particular requirements of each local unit and its professionals. We need to create comfortable areas, improving the quality of life of individuals and, in short, we must understand globalisation from the standpoint of work environments, to enable agile and efficient management at companies.

In this respect, it is essential that we grasp the pretences and goals of Human Resource departments to achieve the motivation, satisfaction, intergenerational management and commitment of employees.


Production capacity and quality standards

Ofita’s production capacity and personalisation skills, our own product design and development teams, together with an innovative logistics system, have given us the capacity to provide adequate solutions at a worldwide level. All of this is behind Ofita’s success in international markets.

Sustainable manufacturing under the strictest quality standards is a key element in these projects: we authenticate the source of the woods we use in our projects and fulfil the most demanding standards, such as ISO 9001 in manufacturing quality and ongoing improvement of processes, ISO 14006 in eco-design and environmental improvement of products, ISO 14001 in clean production and protection of the Environment and, most importantly, OHSAS 18001, linked to personnel satisfaction and workplace safety and health.

Throughout all these years it has been essential that we provide close, personalised service, articulated through our own offices in Mexico DF and Paris, our permanent showrooms in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Dubai, Chile, Qatar and Shanghai, and our network of international distributors.