Ofita presents at Orgatec the following proposals

Ofita launches at a world first the chair Hara!

Hara, designed by German Andreas Krob, is an operative office chair offering excellent comfort to the user. The chair outstands for its great ergonomics thanks to its innovative backrest accompanying the user in all its movements, “both when bending backwards and when moving right and left and vice-versa”, explains its designer.





FORTHINK, at Orgatec18 – For more innovative working methodologies

Forthink is a range of furnishings for innovation areas, a coherent collection of furniture and mobile accessories to take best advantage of dynamic methodologies such as Agile, Scrum or Lean. Mobility allows for physical expression of the work at hand. The whiteboards and magnetic, writeable surfaces foster creativity and new ideas.




Multilevel, Cares for health while working


Changing positions alternating the time you are seating and standing is the ideal solution for the wellbeing of those working in offices. Multilevel is Ofita’s solution of adjustable height desks to make workplaces a more personal and healthy place for employees.

Each user can adjust the height of the Multilevel table easily and quietly and work standing or seated, individually or in teams always with a healthy stance.




 Versa Natura – Design Andreas Struppler




Natura’s design is genuine thanks to its wooden leg. But a good design is not limited to its attractive appearance, rather, it must maximize the performance of the function for which it was created. The Natura collection fulfils these criteria, and surprises with its ability to create functional and, at the same time, emotional spaces, with a great variety of additional complements to adapt to every personality.


MEET UP! at Orgatec18 


MEET UP! responds to the needs of the new flexible office environment, connected and collaborative. It surpasses the traditional boundaries of “work” and interprets the office as an interactive space, with varied types of spaces for different needs.




Acoustic and visual comfort


The new trends in office design suggest combining privacy with open and collaborative offices, where communication flow in a natural way. For this reason, Ofita’s proposals are provided with a range of sound absorbent panels to increase visual and acoustic comfort in office environments. Panel have sound absorbing properties which help reduce