For over four decades, the company has led the Spanish office furniture sector.

Founded in 1969, Ofita stood out from the beginning thanks to the quality, design and innovation of its office furniture: furniture for offices, workspace furniture, chairs. Today, Ofita is a large global company, present around the World, specialised in furnishing the work spaces of large companies.

Today, 9th September, Ofita is 45 years old. It was born in 1969, specialised in the manufacture of office furniture, a sector it has led for decades: office furniture, workspace furniture, office chairs


Its history can be split into different periods. The first corresponds to the start-up of the business as an office furniture manufacturer and covers the whole decade of the ’70s. They were the years of consolidation, getting to know the market and creating the commercial network.

In the 80s we tackled what we could define as an industrial revolution, a huge logistical and productive restructuring of the entire company, which included the modernisation of all the industrial processes and workflows, accompanied by an enormous economic investment in capital assets.

The other big change took place in the 90s, when the company was totally reoriented directly towards the market, with delegations, something that up until then no one had done before, and with the incursion into international markets.

mobilier-de-bureau-design-mobilier-oficina-300x183With the threshold of the year 2000 already crossed, Ofita evolved from the design and manufacture of furniture to the integral management of projects, when requested by the customer.

Likewise, during recent years it has strengthened its design, in collaboration with the most renowned international designers of the sector, such as Sergi Arola, King & Miranda, Lievore or Josep Lluscá, among others. Its approach towards the world of design and the project and architecture culture translates into a new generation of office furniture that is more innovative and into the customisation of the product in response to the aesthetic and functional needs of each product.

For over four decades, Ofita has written many indelible pages in the history of office furniture, while there is still much to be written in the future. Quality, the development of new products, innovation and always being a reference in design, are some of the premises that have marked and will continue to define in the future the history of one of the market’s most emblematic brands.

The celebration is not only ours, but of all those people who during this time have left their mark on this project. Thanks to all.