Innovation Ofita is a way of doing things, always, even in times of uncertainty. Fourteen months ago the world changed. And in these extraordinary circumstances, we choose to persevere in the search for new opportunities, anticipating new business models and seeking the innovation that will define the company of tomorrow. Speed ​​has been very important during these months. 

From the beginning, at all times, we took into account the human side of the crisis

From the beginning of the pandemic, at all times, we took into account the human side of the crisis. The priority has always been the protection of employees, ensuring the health and safety of all.

What was also clear to us is that Ofita’s purpose had to remain firm. This was not negotiable, since the purpose is the point where the head and the heart meet.

In a year in which traveling was almost impossible, paradoxically at Ofita we managed to reach significant speeds in what is undoubtedly the most relevant aspect of the year: Ofita’s Digital Transformation.

The pandemic launched one of the largest workplace experiments experienced to date: massive teleworking implemented in record time. Also in Ofita.

Although our work centers were closed during the confinement months, at Ofita we continue to be very open, accompanying our clients.


pantallas de proteccion

Ofita innovation at the service of health and safety

Thanks to Ofita Innovation, we also responded with new products such as protection screens to help companies with their first contingency plans.

Ofita Innovation also led us to seek agreements with the best companies such as Condeco, a leader in technology for the management and reservations of spaces, to offer productive and safe solutions for new ways of working.

We responded effectively to the challenge of online service, preparing ourselves, intensifying our remote communication and with new digital services.

And also, for the first time in its history, Ofita has entered a new channel: OFITA ​​STORE, with the new online store.

And all this, in the context of Ofita Innovation. While creating solutions with an eye to the future; in the new forms of post-pandemic work.

In the first place, with answers for the first requirement of our clients: the health and safety of their employees. 

For this, in addition to the protection screens that we launched at the beginning of the health crisis, we developed the first ZERO COVID tables that prevent contagion on the surface.

Ofita furniture for innovation and new offices

In the new reality, the world of the office will probably have little to do with the space we used to know. There is no doubt that the crisis is producing irreversible changes in our way of thinking and working. And these changes have an impact not only on the design of the office, but also on the concept of the workspace itself.

With regard to the resulting system, the majority bet is to move towards a hybrid system, which makes work at home compatible with offices.

Therefore, the effects of this pandemic pose new challenges for office furniture manufacturers.

Everything seems to indicate that the new work environments will be non-territorial and collaborative, with a wide menu of different workspaces to which we have been responding for some time.


Forthink - trabajar de pie



An example of this, for example, is the reissue of the Forthink line, designed for these new spaces, or iSurf tables for remote communications. 

Offices change. Fortunately, “Ofita Innovation” and our ability to create unique and personalized products accompany us in this permanent transformation .


Camilo Agromayor

CEO –  Ofita