Ofita presents Hara operative office chair – Ergonomics in motion


Hara operative office chair, designed by German Andreas Krob, is an operative office chair offering excellent comfort to the user.


The chair outstands for its great ergonomics thanks to its innovative backrest accompanying the user in all its movements, “both when bending backwards and when moving right and left and vice-versa” explains its designer.


Design inspired by a pair of sneakers

For its design, Andreas Krob was inspired by a pair of sneakers, the sneakers sport, “these sneakers are provided with a very special elasticity technique to run which helped me conceptualize the design”.

Silla de oficina Hara


Advanced engineering

This operative office chair is the result of blending advanced engineering, creative and stylish design and the latest updates on ergonomics, wellbeing and health at work. This way, the chair perfectly supports the body and accompanies with intuition the user when moving, which favours a healthy posture at work.


The backrest of Hara is unique; rigid and solid at the back although flexible and elastic at the front. It is provided with tensors to achieve the perfect combination of flexibility and support. “We have created different levels, with different materials that together provide great comfort to the user”, says Andreas Kross.


Its design of dynamic lines turns it into the perfect incorporation for any office environment. The name of the chair, Hara, comes from Kendo: the Japanese martial art that confronted legendary warriors. Hara is the internal centre of gravity of the human body, generally located between the abdomen and the backbone. According to Japanese believe, here is where vital forces reside and it is also the origin of deep breathing.

The term refers to the ergonomics and comfort properties offered by this operative office chair.



  • Flexible backrest that accompanies the user.
  • Self adjusting synchron mechanism with selectable fine adjustment by the user.  Backrest reclinable 20º and seat angle 6.5º.
  • Antishock backrest with 4 locking positions.
  • Seat depth adjustment.
  • Adjustments integrated in seat, activated by cable.
  • Lumbar support adjustable in 8 positions.
  • Armrests adjustable in height, angle, pad depth and width.