On 27th October, at Ofita‘s stand at Orgatec, Isao Hosoe presented the world première of the IROHA operative chair.

This new chair by Ofita improves the health of its users, as it leads them to sit with their body correctly positioned and supported.


This is the outstanding feature that makes it unique: thanks to its design, the user does not have to think about how to sit; Irohamanages to seat the user adequately in an unconscious and automatic way.

Iroha applies the knowledge, patented by IHD, of the constant distance between the elbow and lumbar area. It has been proven that this distance is constant regardless of the person’s height.  In Iroha, the armrests and the lumbar support are joined in a way that when the user adjusts the height of the armrests, the lumbar support is automatically moved to the correct position. That is, it provides automatic ergonomics, helping the user to be better seated in an unconscious way.

Ofita travelled to Orgatec with this chair and with a selection of its latest proposals for the world of offices and contract, specifically with the following products: Sirimiri, Mizar, Atria, Equis, Nexa, Dhara, O.X., electa neo and Gen.

In the construction of the new Development and Logistics Centre, and in its subsequent activity, aspects such as sustainability, with an important reduction of energy and water consumption, have been taken into account