Ofita has renewed its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact Network, and expresses its intent of continuing to support the 10 Global Compact principles in matters on human rights, labour regulations, the environment and the fight against corruption and to undertake these in a proper manner in the principles, in the strategy, the culture and the everyday operations of the organisation.

Ofita signed its adherence to the United Nations Global Compact in 2011, thus corroborating its commitment to sustainable development.
Ofita orientates its activity towards satisfying the needs of its groups of interest, especially catering for the quality of life of its employees, and

it actively participates in taking on social and environmental challenges, which are a consequence of the increasing degree of globalisation.
Ofita is also a founding member of IZAITE, the Association of Basque Companies for Sustainability, a non-profit association formed by a group of private companies committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.