Personal space is the space surrounding a person and allows interactions with other people depending on the circumstances. The cultural factors as well as the type of relationship you have with a person are key points in the use of space.

Studies by anthropologists like Edward T. Hall generally show that the distances between the countries of Latin America and the Arab countries are lower than those of Anglo-Saxon countries. Similarly, personal distance is different in public transport than at work.

All these factors are important when designing a workspace.

Thus, personal space becomes a key element in decisions: what size of table for the employee, what space to devote to him. Today, in a multicultural world where people from different cultures work side by side, how can we manage a multicultural office space so that everyone can feel at ease?

Although the simplest idea is to offer an individual table, it is not the best solution. Isolating people is not going to help teamwork. The idea is to find a solution that benefits both the team members and the company. The wide variety of office furniture makes it possible to create customized spaces according to the needs of each company and each employee.

Personal spaces, common spaces and rest spaces help to create formal and informal spaces adapted to the different levels of intimacy that are necessary for everyone. So the whole team can use the different spaces according to their needs and be comfortable at all times.






The most important thing is to get to know the others and to test the different spaces to find one’s own.