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The company, expert in animal nutrition, has inaugurated new offices in Barcelona. Fitted out by Ofita, in collaboration with the architecture company Batlle i Roig Arquitectes, they cover 3,500 square metres on three floors, accommodating 190 employees. The relationship between people and animals is the mainstay of corporate culture at Affinity, so the employees are allowed to bring their pets to work. This is one of the most striking aspects of the new installations. The project transmits this proximity to our pets; therefore, every floor represents an environment we usually enjoy with them: the mountains, the city and the beach. All the interior design details are based on this culture: the Fresh range with acoustic separators, central guides, Gadget trays, laptop rests, facilitating mobility in the office, and Humanscale monitor arms. Curiously, they have eliminated all landline telephones and desktop computers, and removed the majority of drawers and filing cabinets to reduce paper use to a minimum.