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Portal San Angel CDMX, Mexico


Thinking about the different types of work, the collaborative spaces and for the team work coexist with areas for the concentration in the new offices of Danaher.

They are located in Portal San Angel CDMX, Mexico, and is a project of Colliers & Space Arquitectura.Ofita has supplied furniture for its 150 work stations, with a 100% customized design and adapted to the requirements of the company.

Emphasizes the innovative configuration of the furniture. Use the file storage as the distribution axis. In addition to limiting spaces, it provides efficient storage areas and conducts electrification.In this project, the boundaries between office and domestic space are diluted, with warm finishes and pieces of furniture and decoration that recreate the world of home.

The wood and the color, together with the ergonomic design of the furniture, are protagonists in the creation of a warm, humanized and comfortable work environment.