Project Description

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Roche is a leading company in the health sector. Cbre Arquitectura has joined forces with Ofita to make this truly unique project possible. The design of its corporate headquarters in Barcelona mirrors its culture, philosophy and brand, a company with values such as innovation and transparency built into its DNA, values which flow through every last inch of these offices. The notion of designing a traditional office was completely ruled out. No enclosed spaces whatsoever. The idea was to create bright spaces that promote collaboration, with a wide variety of meeting areas – formal and informal – which are integrated into operational areas; an inclusive space that enables and facilitates collaborative, efficient and shared work. From there, we have designed an office that meets the needs of all its users and their various activities. For this same reason, we still haven’t forgotten about private spaces, and spaces with the functionality that defines each station. In operational workstations, customised with the Fresh system designed by Toni Arola and Jordi Tamaño, special attention has been paid to ergonomic factors, designed to enhance the wellbeing of employees. Such is the case with the workstation separating panel – made of glass – which makes it possible for natural light to pass through whilst still giving each desk the privacy it needs. The architecture, as well as the furnishings and items installed, contribute to the feeling of comfort that flows through the offices: the original semi-circular shape of certain workstations, the smooth shapes of Fresh, the relaxing palette of colours… In short, a true example of a space designed for people.