Seeking a new work ecosystem in line with its corporate culture, the Roche pharmaceutical company has opened a new headquarters. The new offices, with 5 floors and 4,000 m2, house its technological hub, transmit the innovation that presides over its activity and favor it.

The main objective was to create new environments that could absorb Roche’s way of working.

In this implementation, CBRE, the architecture responsible for the project, has once again relied on Ofita for the furniture for the 500 workstations. Previously, Ofita was already selected by this architecture to furnish the Roche Diagnostic headquarters.

CBRE and Roche have opted for an open space configuration, where shared stalls coexist with closed spaces to guarantee privacy in meetings and / or conferences.

The office responds to the non-territorial design, that is, with unassigned workstations; 40% equipped with lifting tables to take care of the health of employees while they work.

The organic shapes of the furniture humanize the space, while improving the operability of the stall. Furniture customization stands out.


Dans le développement du projet, nous avons travaillé avec nos meubles: