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Schneider oficinas
Schneider oficinas
Schneider oficinas


Ofita has furnished the new Schneider headquarters in Lille, France, with more than 120 workstations. Its design is characterized by a diversity of spaces in which horizontal communication, teamwork, flexibility and mobility are favored. To do this, a wide range of spaces has been created that respond to the needs of its users and the new ways of working today. Furniture – such as lockers or mobile elements and selected operating tables – facilitates these new work dynamics.


The new headquarter puts the focus on people and their well-being, with open, bright and ergonomic work environments, and that foster a positive climate, trust and coexistence.

The corporate culture of Schneider Electric is embodied in every corner of the office with a confortable, friendly and healthy environment.


In the development of the project we have worked with our furniture: