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The offices of Société Générale, located in the emblematic Torre Picasso in Madrid, once again refer to the ability to customize the differential product of Ofita.
For this project, under the facultative direction and execution of CBRE, Ofita has developed innovative triple posts, in the shape of a clover, made with the district furniture line adapted to a post designed by CBRE for this installation.

The stations break with traditional benchmarks, and is accompanied by blocks that open on both sides. Each board has an area for the main user and another shorter side for visitors.

Ofita has furnished its 200 jobs, distributed over four floors of 1500 square meters. In addition to the original design, its ergonomics stands out, with elevating tables so that the user can adapt the table to his height and alternate between sitting and standing, and in this way take care of his health while he stays in the office.