Ofita has just redesigned its offices and showroom in Madrid, totally refurbished and adapted to 3.0 offices. In its design, work methodology such as Lean and Design Thinking has played a leading role.

New Ofita spaces serve as a showcase of collaborative working forms and their design responds to the present trends of interior design with space’s light and warmth as main actors. The barrier between home and office fades.

Both spaces show the latest trends in the design of office environments for the next years and which revolve around people comfort and satisfaction. Ofita conceives offices as a lever for the support of the management of people in companies, when favouring collaborative ways to work, innovation teams, management of generational diversity, wellbeing and motivation of employees, flexible and transparent cultures….

Recently designed Ofita “new offices” reproduce the broad range of typologies of work which at present coexist in an office with state of the art Ofita solutions: non-territorial workstations, phone box, informal communication areas, independent and integrated in the station, office, agoras for innovation, individual concentration spaces, etc.

oficinas en madrid


oficinas en madrid


oficinas en madrid



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oficinas ofita en madrid


oficinas en madrid espacio informal