Sound absorbing office and protection panels

Perfect for a flexible and collaborative work environment that encourages concentration and safety.

The acoustic office separators
that a dynamic and productive workspace needs.

Today’s work environments must be very flexible and dynamic, as offices are not only places where you can work individually, but also where ideas arise and are shared. To respond to all this without the employees losing their ability to concentrate, there are the sound-absorbing office panels from Ofita.

These panels not only promote employee productivity by separating in a very versatile way those groups that exchange ideas from those that work alone; but, in addition, they generate practical workspaces adapted to the needs of the project at all times. That is, on the one hand they promote concentration by generating a more or less delimited space and, on the other, by less noise.

In fact, they can not only be used to delimit areas, but also as a place to hang items necessary for meetings or other activities. An example of this are the Forthink panels, from which small document cabinets or magnetic whiteboards can be hung to share ideas.

On the other hand, the design of our acoustic office panels can always be adapted to the corporate identity or the style of the project. For this we offer you the option to choose between different colors and manufacturing materials, as well as different formats in which to incorporate them (either between workstations or between zones). And if you have doubts about which one to choose, remember that you can always count on our advice.

Main features


Many of our panels can be moved from one side to the other depending on the needs of creating spaces. In this way, a dynamic and completely flexible office is obtained.



These types of panels are perfect for minimizing the noise that a group of workers can cause when meeting and talking loudly. Therefore, while promoting concentration, it allows connectivity and the exchange of ideas.


The sound-absorbing panels that are placed between the work tables are perfect for canceling out as much noise from calls or small meetings as possible, which generates greater productivity and less time loss.

Ask us for the advice you need

After 5 decades of experience and work with dozens of large projects, we can help you define what exactly the office you are designing needs. In addition, by having Ofita you have the guarantee of getting office furniture that comes from a sustainable production system. In fact, that is why we have achieved several ISO certifications (such as 9001, 14001 and 14006) and LEVEL Level 2, among others.

In short, at Ofita we will help you choose the sound-absorbing office panels that combine 100% with your project, those that make the workplace a space that exceeds traditional limits, that encourages innovation and creativity.

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