Menu of work spaces in new post-Covid offices

Telework is here to stay and this is translated into new office concepts with a clear trend towards non-territorial spaces where employees do not have fix stations assigned at the office. We are talking about spaces of the new post-Covid spaces.

The elimination of personally assigned work stations is ever more reinvested in an increase of different shared areas that belong to everyone and designed for different uses.


Non-territorial offices – menu of work stations

The menu of work stations (WS) offered by non-territorial offices will depend on the dynamics of each organization and may also include Individual Work Stations:


 WS requiring concentration

These are stations to carry out duties requiring individual concentration, team work and their own individual work surface. 



Variable WS

These are work stations displayed in bench tables with variable capacity depending on the density of staff and space requirements.

It allows the absorption of work peaks (periods of greater activity) as their density is variable.



pantallas de protección


Plug & Work

Small work stations displayed throughout different areas of the office and suitable for the quick development of a task which does not require high concentration.

They can be seen in passing areas, in entrances or in company cantines for example. Frequently they are conceived for users to work standing or seated at a stool as in bars.


Showroom de Ofita en Madrid


Silent Room 

These are small enclosed cubicles designed for individual work requiring concentration or to make confidential calls without the nuisances of open spaces. They are not assigned and their use should be reduced to a few hours a day.


Cabinas acústicas Microoffice


Team Room

Small rooms to work individually or in small groups of 2-4 people that allow acoustic isolation, concentrated work and confidential and/or external meetings. They can also be used for a variable period of time during critical stages of projects (several days or weeks). When these stages end, the room is available for other members of the unit.


microoffice quadrio III



Meeting Room

Meeting rooms reserved for more people and conceived for work meetings and presentations with outsiders.



Value added Area / Informal Communication

Common relax and leisure areas integrated in the office space available for all workers and eventually available for outsiders. Areas such as a club, a café, a relax room or pool table for example. They are conceived for “ad hoc” and informal communication between workers of the company or with outsiders for their relaxing and chill out during and after the day or as an alternative work area for workers.


nuevos espacios de trabajo


Education areas

Training spaces are ever more common but of course with designs totally different from traditional training rooms. Firstly, at present they are adaptable to new methodologies.

More than ever they will also be adaptable to other uses due to the increase of online education. In these spaces, equipment is a priority as it will ease education. For example, fitted with mobile elements and whiteboard surfaces to allow collaboration and creativity.

Regarding the technological point of view, they are provided with electronic systems to capture what has been exposed in training sessions and send it to electronic devices to resume them at any time or space.

Technology to book the different spaces will be one of the greatest changes in “new normal” offices. 


happyness at work