Andreas Krob

HARA – Designed with a unique and exclusive elasticity system, the Sneaker System. 

    Hara is an innovative, ergonomic task chair thanks to its special backrest. The backrest is strong due to its hind piece but accompanies all of the user’s movements with its flexible front zone. This front piece has tensors to reach the optimum balance between flexibility and support. When designing, Andreas Krob was inspired by [...]

Andreas Krob, Hara designer explains the design of this innovative chair

As mentioned in previous entries, Ofita has just presented its new operative chair, Hara, which will be available in the market next February designed by Andreas Krob.  The designer of this innovative operative chair, the German Andreas Krob shares with us this interview what inspired its design, the challenges of the project and the features which [...]

Ofita presents Hara Operative office chair – Ergonomics in motion

Ofita presents Hara operative office chair - Ergonomics in motion   Hara operative office chair, designed by German Andreas Krob, is an operative office chair offering excellent comfort to the user.   The chair outstands for its great ergonomics thanks to its innovative backrest accompanying the user in all its movements, “both when bending backwards and [...]

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