We spend many hours seating at the office. If we count the time we are outside and inside the office, most people are seated between 8 and 14 hours.

But, attention! Being seated more than 4 hours a day can damage your health; people who spend more time seated have twice the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes for example. 

Good news is that we can considerably reduce the risks associated to sedentarism simply by remaining two hours standing at the workplace and/or walking a bit around the office.

Standing the whole day is neither healthy. Changing position, alternating the time they spend standing and seating is an ideal solution for the wellbeing of people who work in offices.


Multilevel Multilevel 


To work standing is beneficial both for our physical and emotional health

Different studies guarantee that spending the time standing could reduce the risks of suffering sedentarism-related diseases and with unhealthy habits: overweight, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, stress, depression and even some types of cancer.

Therefore, many companies already offer their employees the possibility to work standing and seating providing height-adjustable office desks that allow them to ergonomically adapt the work station to their height.

As a consequence; healthier employees, 71% more concentrated, 33% less stressed, 66% more productive. A study  by Texas University A&M shows that employees with desks that allow working standing were 45% more productive than those who remained seated.

Seating for extended periods of time is associated to fatigue and lack of motivation and this is related to negative performance and reduction of productivity. 

Moreover from the point of view of productivity, this type of height-adjustable desks allows that certain work dynamics such as express and improvised meetings finish quickly.


Ofita Projects with height-adjustable desks to work standing

Each day there are more companies that provide their offices with height-adjustable desks for their employees to alternate working seating and standing. In our web, we can find several recent examples.

The offices of Société Générale in Madrid have been provided with furniture customized by Ofita. Under the project management and execution of CBRE, Ofita has developed innovative clover-shaped triple work stations. Each table has an area for the main user and another shorter side for visitors.


Société Générale Madrid

Société Générale Madrid


In addition to its original design we can highlight its ergonomics with height-adjustable tables. For the new headquarters of Latham & Watkins in Madrid, Ofita has developed Multilevel adjustable tables with special design and measures. Their height-adjustable feature allows both individual and collective work with others in express meetings.


Latham & Watkins Latham & Watkins


Savills Aguirre Newman chose Ofita to equip the five floors of its new headquarters in Madrid. Ofita has provided furniture to equip 340 operative stations plus meeting and management areas, these last ones with Multilevel height-adjustable tables.


Sede Savills Aguirre Newman Madrid

Sede Savills Aguirre Newman Madrid


Multilevel, a height-adjustable office desk by Ofita work standing

Multilevel is one of the height-adjustable office desks by Ofita to make the workspace more efficient, personal and healthier during the different moments we spend in the office.