If you thought of about 260 employees, dedicated to technology, with workers aged around 30… How would you picture their offices? In Ofita we believe a cheerful, fun and comfortable space helps the effectiveness of a company that takes special care of its human resources. Therefore, we have combined design and operation for the new Paradigma offices.

Meeting rooms, a phone box and informal areas

These offices are composed by several meeting rooms, a phone box and informal areas, which are perfect for their work dynamics.
Ofita chose clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic for the work area, looking for a creative and open atmosphere where ideas can flow.
The office area is located in the centre of the space and communicates visually with workspaces.
“Equis” tables have been chosen to furnish the main office cabinets. The furniture designed with clean and fresh lines help to create a climate of innovation and dynamism.


Communication and relationship betwenn employees

The colours chosen to decorate the departments help create a pleasant environment in which people can make the best out of themselves. The green and orange side panels match the vinyls, the operational chairs and the “one” blocks which have a cushion in the same colours. This provides great comfort to hold a mini-meeting at one’s actual workplace.

In addition, to encourage informal communication between this very young team, stimulate relationships between employees and humanize the office, a recreational area equipped with “Mizar” armchairs and game tables has been created.
With these new offices, Paradigma has improved the quality of life at work of its employees and is encouraging the creativity and agility of their team.