Daniel Muñoz, AGi Architects: “Workstations are ever more mobile”


AGi Architects


With a clear international nature and a multidisciplinary approach, AGi Architects is an architecture firm with offices in Madrid and Kuwait employing a team of over 50 professionals. Committed with quality, creativity and exclusive design, AGI architects makes an effort to create environments providing a differential value throughout time.


Where are work environments heading to?

We (AGi Architects) have detected a change in staff management: the ever growing idea of relying on a less fix staff going in and out of offices, who works online…We are talking about less fix stations and open space areas.

Another aspect to take into account is also the concern about the employee: about his comfort in the office. Lately, most offices have very warm and large areas for employees to eat in, lounge areas, rooms…because in the end, they live in the office. Half their time is spent there and they need to feel comfortable and a willingness to stay.


What is the importance of collaborative spaces in nowadays office projects?

Workstations are ever more mobile, there is no team working for 10 years in the same place and owning the place anymore; we are heading towards a clean table, towards working in groups and for limited periods, etc.

Therefore we are talking about multifunctional tables, even at different heights, stools to work on in certain moments, meeting areas where we are not facing each other’s screens but where we can easily interact.

In this interview, Daniel Muñoz, AGi Architects, talks about one of their latest projects, the transformation of a classic office with a big representation office area into a totally different space: “we have implemented all these concepts: we have democratized the access to light for everyone, we have designed an open space where administration, creatives and all other departments have an open area. They have also created several closed areas to hold brainstorming meetings; they are acoustically prepared and are comfortable but they are not exclusive of one user”.