With the sudden arrival of telecommuting, many people found themselves in the situation of having to set up a makeshift home office. It seemed like a temporary solution, but with the passage of time we see that it has come to stay. More and more companies continue to promote flexible and remote working. It is already part of the daily life and the future of many workers. This situation leads many people to ask themselves, can I set up a work space at home that suits my needs? Where can I be really comfortable when I work?

According to a recent Ofita study, 77% of teleworkers are not comfortable with the work chair they use at home. 93% would change the chair at home for the one they have at the office.

These data reflect that the work furniture in our home has to conform to the same ergonomic and health criteria that people use in the office.

What do we need to set up a home office?

One of the main elements that we must find in our workspace at home is the right desk. With a suitable size and height. A good option is the Delta table by Ofita, with a simple style that contributes to creating light, modern spaces.

Since the dimensions of our home play a decisive role, if you don’t have enough space at home, we recommend Meta. It is a flip-top table, which allows you to configure the space according to the functional needs of each moment.

Another essential element to set up our home office is to have a good office chair. Make it ergonomic and comfortable. It should help us maintain a proper posture by keeping the spine aligned and accompany us in our movements. In our online store you can find Hara and Like. They are two chairs designed to provide maximum comfort and contribute to people’s health.

Desk, ergonomic chair and storage solutions, the three essentials

In addition, if you want to have all the necessary material nearby, without having folders, papers or items in sight on your desk, we can add a space for storage to this list of essentials, in order to always have our telework space neat and clean. The Ofita Universal drawer pedestal has robust structure, providing durability and simplicity of design. In addition, its semi-hidden multi-directional wheels allow easy movement.

A different way to store personal items and telework materials such as folders, pens or stationery is the Trolley, a storage module with a minimalist design and soft shapes. Its bidirectional wheels facilitate its movement and the handles at the ends allow it to be moved with little effort.


Take care of your health with the best ergonomic products

In order to maintain a correct posture and avoid pain when teleworking, in addition to a suitable chair it is also a good idea for laptop users to have a laptop stand, as this raises the screen to an appropriate height, reducing the risk of long-term injuries. In the case of working with a monitor, incorporating a monitor arm in our work space at home allows us to see the screen in the ideal position and also, if it has a cable organizer, we will achieve an elegant and orderly appearance. In our online store you can find both products.


Setting up your own made to measure home office is possible if we have the appropriate ergonomic furniture that adapts to our needs at all times.  What furniture is necessary to set up our home office?