Coworking is a work concept that has more followers every day. The reason? Its advantages, both for entrepreneurs and for freelancers or company employees.

One of the first challenges that entrepreneurs have to overcome is finding the perfect space to work. You have different options, from renting an office to working at home or using a coworking space.

A coworking is a shared office, full-time or part-time, between freelancers, teleworkers, entrepreneurs and employees of companies from different sectors who work flexibly.

Coworking is one of the most widespread labor trends. Its impressive growth is due both to changes in the environment, such as globalization, and the emergence of new technologies that allow connection between people wherever they are.

A new profile of the entrepreneurial professional and digital nomads, independent professionals who work from different locations, have also promoted this phenomenon.

Coworking spaces reach companies

Coworking had already found its space, but Covid has multiplied and extended it to other types of professionals. The pandemic has made these centers stop being a stronghold for small technology companies and startups.

More and more medium-sized and large companies are offering their teams satellite locations in coworking spaces, even if they maintain their traditional offices, and many multinationals are opting for coworking spaces to establish themselves in their international locations.

In these cases, coworking entails a new work philosophy focused on flexibility and employee well-being, and requires an anchor. That anchor is the self-management capacity of the workers and the confidence that the companies give them.

 Why are coworking offices growing?

For companies, it offers alternatives for their new hybrid work models to be deployed effectively. For their part, workers no longer want to give up the job flexibility acquired during the pandemic. They want to work when and from where they can best carry out their activity, and many times they find that ideal setting in coworking spaces. These centers provide them with the ideal conditions to work that they often do not have at home, but without having to travel to the office. Environmental aspects and personal / professional conciliation also play in favor of this option.

The keys to the success of coworking spaces

But what is the key to the success of coworking spaces? The answer is obvious: its advantages. Its benefits include flexibility and the possibility of networking. However, they are not the only ones. Important advantages are, for example, the feeling of community that is generated, the reduction of expenses and the greater visibility of the businesses.

Coworking centers allow freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees of different companies and sectors to work in the same space. Thus, sharing an office makes us improve our network of contacts.


What characteristics should coworking offices have?

The best thing about a coworking office is that each person / business can choose the space that best suits their needs. Choosing an environment that is suitable for your business is the key. There are many options.

A coworking space is characterized by its flexible hours and because it allows you to work in an innovative way. The work dynamic is different from that of a traditional office, therefore, it is normal that they have informal spaces where they can share in a more relaxed atmosphere.

They must provide a comfortable and comfortable area, with different environments for different activities and with an efficient and fast connection.

Coworking design has reached the offices

These coworking spaces symbolize in many respects the new office design, in fact, the design of the offices after the pandemic follows the line that coworking has marked. Today companies are looking for much more informal, friendly, flexible environments and with a variety of spaces inside, designed for different activities.