Acoustic cabins: a new privacy concept that redesigns open space

  microoffice   Acoustic cabins: a new privacy concept that redesigns open space Acoustic cabins in open spaces? The open space concept is the model already adopted by most companies for the design of their offices; although this concept is not new. Open offices were invented in Germany after Second World War as a [...]

Non-territorial work spaces for nomad employees

        Non-territorial work spaces for nomad employees  In Knowmad Society, John Moravec, came up with the term knowmad or knowledge and innovation employees. It joined the words know and nomad to refer to these qualified professionals without a fixed work place. “While the industrial society required people to have a fixed work place [...]

Ten offices that motivate and care for their employees

  The offices that motivate and care for their employees  In the last few years the whole design of offices has changed, from the disappearance of physical barriers in favour of greater collaboration and transparency to the incorporation of leisure areas and relax elements such as sofas or puffs. They are valuable spaces which are [...]

“Ofita’s advantage in the market is without doubt its level of proximity”

        “Ofita’s advantage in the market is without doubt its level of proximity”   We start the year analysing with Nicolas Roudier, Director of Development of Ofita France, recalling some of the main projects carried out to adapt the offices of companies such as EPS or Scheneider. In this interview, Nicolas Roudier talks [...]

HARA – Designed with a unique and exclusive elasticity system, the Sneaker System. 

    Hara is an innovative, ergonomic task chair thanks to its special backrest. The backrest is strong due to its hind piece but accompanies all of the user’s movements with its flexible front zone. This front piece has tensors to reach the optimum balance between flexibility and support. When designing, Andreas Krob was inspired by [...]

The Versa Collection, Mention of Honour at the prestigious Best of Year Awards, Interior Design Magazine

Congratulations! The Versa collection has received an honourable mention in the Best of Year Awards by the prestigious US magazine Interior Design, recognizing the best products and projects of the year. The 2016 Best of Year awards. Photography by Erik Bardin This recognition adds to recent ones that fill us with pride; and [...]

The best internal chat platforms for office communication

Internal communication in companies has seen radical changes in recent years and collective workspaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially in companies that need to cultivate creativity. Another good way to keep the conversation flowing in your team is the use of an internal chat platform. You might be surprised to learn that using a chat tool in your company doesn’t mean a [...]

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