Innovative, healthy, adaptable.

For more than 50 years we have been manufacturing office furniture to facilitate work and people’s satisfaction with innovative, healthy furniture adapted to each client.

Manufacturers of designer office furniture

We adapt our products to the client’s needs and to the design that the architect imagines. We help

companies work better and help their workforces to perform at their best, with motivating workplaces.


Ofita’s values

Ofita’s world is in design and innovation but also in values that are part of its corporate DNA.

Excellence, knowledge and customer orientation are the real driving force behind its activity.

Each Ofita project is unique.


We always work with an eye to the future in order to accompany companies in their change processes.

This is embodied in our principles contained in:

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values.

Integrated policy.

CSR and Code of Ethics.

Production capacity

Ofita is a benchmark in the design and manufacture of office furniture in Spain.


direct professionals
indirect jobs

Ofita integrates a large team of specialists (with an average of 20 years in the sector) to cover all areas of a project satisfactorily.

International deployment

We are a global company focused on creating innovative workspace solutions.

One of our main differential values is personalisation.

We adapt our products to the client’s needs and to the design that the architect imagines.

We help companies improve the productivity and health of their people with motivating workplaces.

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Distribution network
Ofita has a consolidated network of distributors throughout the 5 continents that allows the implementation of projects at a global level.

Global service

Puig sites in Spain, France, England, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

Cuatrecasas headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Peru, Colombia and Chile.

Sedes Cuatrecasas



Adapting to your needs

We develop global furniture projects, facilitating the task of the architect or dealer in each of their proposals. Ofita offers a wide range of services to cover the needs that arise.



Ofita products have been eco-designed for many years. This means identifying at the very moment a product is designed, all the environmental impacts that may occur in each of the phases of its life cycle, in order to try to minimise them, without undermining its quality and applications.


Ofita is now synonymous with design and innovation.

These two factors have become an essential component that transcends the product and brings together all the company’s activities.

Innovation is at the heart of the brand and the soul of the company’s Vision: To be the organisation that offers the best innovative solutions in workplace optimisation.



At Ofita, different work teams analyse the transformation processes of companies and their ways of working, in continuous evolution, with the aim of developing the best products, services and solutions that accompany companies in their processes of change and facilitate their work cultures and dynamics.

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