Innovative office furniture, healthy and adapted to the needs of each client.

Your architectural firm is not only your workplace: it is a showcase that expresses like nothing else what you are and what you can become for your clients.

At Ofita we design and manufacture office furniture for architectural firms that combine functionality, design and sustainability.

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Why Ofita?

We manufacture furniture of exceptional design and quality


What is the point of professional office furniture design if it is not comfortable and functional for employees? A neat aesthetic must go hand in hand with business furniture that is truly effective and healthy for the day-to-day life of employees.



Taking care of this aspect is key to promote people’s health and avoid sick leave due to pathologies derived from bad posture. For this reason, every detail of Ofita’s furniture for companies is carefully designed to maximize comfort and guarantee the well-being of its users.


Who can deny the importance of connectivity in the workplace today? In addition, the fluidity of these zones fosters creativity and collaboration among peers to enrich projects without physical barriers to hinder them.


Our values as a company push us to manufacture furniture that is environmentally friendly and that takes care of people’s health. We have numerous awards and certificates of quality, eco-design and environmental management.

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Featured office furniture

Forthink modular furniture

Designed by Javier Cuñado / ITEMdesignworks

In the business environment, ironclad systems and cascading organization according to hierarchies are a thing of the past. Currently, methodologies such as agile, scrum or lean startup are implemented with the objective of promoting and accelerating the development of new projects through flexible processes and cooperative environments. Companies adapt to the speed of change in the markets with their ability to quickly and effectively fix errors and implement improvements at key moments.

These new work dynamics need a multipurpose space to facilitate them. With its reconfigurable modules, Forthink creates customized, versatile and dynamic spaces that are optimal for agile and spontaneous teamwork.

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Versa Innova office desks

Designed by Andreas Struppler

Innova is one of the three collections that make up the Versa operating system, along with Natura and Origins. The original injection leg, in different finishes, is the differential element that defines this collection, and gives it a modern touch that fuses innovation and design, in all its possible configurations. Its design seeks functionality but also the highest user comfort.

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Download 3D design

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